"The love addict obsessively focuses on finding THE ONE who will make everything okay"

The desperation of the love addict is often what makes finding real love impossible

Dying for Love: An Archetype

You have likely encountered her: She is dying for love. Always on the hunt for Mr. Right, her eyes scan every crowd looking for him wherever she goes. Unable to tolerate dinner or a movie out alone, and unwilling to go places or attend events unless available men will be there, she stays home alone a lot … but searches online. When out, Lucy’s made up and ready for a date whether at the Laundromat or picking up a few things at the corner store. You never know, he could be there — the man who will make everything okay. The one who will finally make her feel whole.

Are You a Love Addict?

There is a reason there are so many love songs with themes like “Love is the drug,” “Addicted to Love,” and “Love Hurts.”  When you first fall in love with someone there is no denying that you feel high.   That feeling of being safe, happy, and ok is part of the early stages of love. If we felt that goofy all the time, we wouldn’t get much done.

But there are some people who need to feel that way much of the time.  They want to always feel the giddy, all-consuming high of early passion. The only way to do that is to move on to the next “relationship” as soon as the high wears off. 

The Roots of Love Addiction

While no one can pinpoint the specific cause of love addiction, most experts agree that its roots can almost always be traced back to one’s childhood. Your early relationship with your parents (or primary caregivers) plays a significant role in your core beliefs, values, self-perception, and ability to form healthy relationships as an adult. Of course, no one has a perfect childhood; we all have wounds from our formative years – some much deeper or bigger than others. But individuals who develop love addiction can often relate to certain childhood themes.

Does Love Addiction Make You Stick with a Cheater?

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