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Am I Addicted To Love?

Posted by on 04 18 15 in Co-Occurring Issues | Comments Off on Am I Addicted To Love?

Many people learn that they are struggling with love addiction after they’ve gone through many phases of addictive behaviors. They may have a dealt with problems with alcohol addiction, substance abuse and other chemical dependencies. Quite often, people who have been through treatment programs and/or 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) still find themselves struggling with some of the same core issues that led them to alcohol and substance dependency or abuse. Though they may be “clean and sober,” they still find themselves dealing with...

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How Fear Of Abandonment Leads To Love Addiction

Posted by on 03 28 15 in Love Addiction News | Comments Off on How Fear Of Abandonment Leads To Love Addiction

If you are a love addict, you probably have a habit of picking people who seem to require a lot of effort and energy. You spend a ton of time obsessing about the other person and working at making your relationships work. The men or women you get involved with are typically emotionally unavailable and may make you feel like they are ignoring or rejecting you. One of the most common characteristics of people who become love addicts is fear of abandonment. You may have been neglected or abandoned as a child. Now you are terrified of being abandoned, but you are drawn to people who repeatedly...

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Love Addiction: Digging Up The Roots

Posted by on 03 11 15 in Sexual Addiction | Comments Off on Love Addiction: Digging Up The Roots

My journey toward recovery from love addiction has been far more complicated than my journey toward recovery from my addictions to alcohol, substances and sex. As I’ve progressively peeled back layer upon layer of addictive behaviors, behavior patterns and self-destructive activities that I wrestled with for decades, I slowly came to believe that this notion of love addiction was at the core of it all. It’s the kernel, the seed, the root cause of which all of my other issues are symptoms. When I came to that realization, it was like a giant weight was lifted from my shoulders. I finally...

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Sex Addict Or Love Addict…Or Both?

Posted by on 02 28 15 in Co-Occurring Issues | Comments Off on Sex Addict Or Love Addict…Or Both?

I’ve been on the road to recovery for well over 20 years. I began my journey in Alcoholics Anonymous early in my 20s in order to deal with my issues with alcohol. Then I found Narcotics Anonymous several years later to work through my remaining substance issues. It was not until over a decade later, however, that I realized there might be another layer to my addictive tendencies when a close friend suggested I consider the idea that I might be a sex addict. At first, I didn’t think it was possible. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I had myself convinced that I was just an active guy...

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Proven Ways To Overcome Relationship Addiction

Posted by on 02 14 15 in Romance Addiction | Comments Off on Proven Ways To Overcome Relationship Addiction

Love addiction is a strange thing. How can it be wrong to be in love with love? Anything that becomes addictive, no matter how pure to begin with, does you no good. Love addiction can take many forms, including an obsession with being in relationships. If you always feel like you need to be in a relationship with someone and you’re devastated when one ends, even if it doesn’t make you happy or if you don’t particularly like the person you’re with, you could be a love addict with a concentration in relationships. It’s time to get over that desperate need and to learn to have a normal...

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