Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places

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There’s a common belief that men have a tendency to compartmentalize sex as just a biological urge, while for women, sex carries a more emotional connection. Results of a new study, however, tell a different story.

A study published in Men and Masculinities shows that men who were “regulars” of a particular sex worker often found themselves feeling more than just attraction for the provider they were frequenting. Over time, many displayed romantic sentiments – even love.

This seems quite contrary to the notion we have always held regarding prostitution – which is that sex is basically reduced to just a transaction between two people.

Could men who seek out sex from escort services want more? Study authors seem to think so.

Dr. Christine Milrod and Dr. Ronald Weitzer examined feedback from 2,442 comments posted to a certain virtual discussion board in response to sex services received. The authors noted that it wasn’t uncommon for clients to express genuine feelings of affection and not just lust.

In fact, about one in three posts detailed deeper sentiments between clients and providers of sex services. Many shared their longing to have more than just a one-night-stand – a desire for an actual relationship with mutual love and respect.

Views regarding prostitution and escort services have evolved recently as the stigma has lessened and more people have come to view the practice as normal. Dr. Milrod explains that these sexual meetings are taking on a form that pseudo parallels modern-day dating.

According to Milrod, the normalization of such practices could eventually lead to a combination of families and finances and also monogamy. These relationships develop like any other relationship and have served to reduce negative stigma on the subject.