Love Addiction: Partners May Bear Unrealistic Expectations

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Love addiction: It’s real, it’s serious, and more people have it and aren’t even aware due to the constant availability of romance-themed web content, television shows and other media.

One pivotal difference between love addiction and basic relationship choices is the person’s consistent craving or need for the “high” that comes with falling in love with someone or with being adored by someone. Over time, research on addictions indicates that specific brain changes can occur, resulting in the person actually needing more love relationships to achieve the same feeling of pleasure or release them once felt. Like other addictions, the cycle of love addiction continues and causes greater life disruptions as it progresses.

Recent articles about love addiction suggest a similar theme: people may experience continually unmet expectations in their current relationship. If the person is viewing excessive romance TV, reading romance novels too frequently or using online tools to achieve the “high” romance brings, their expectations of their current partner may rise to a level that’s unattainable in a daily committed relationship. Because the high of new romance fades naturally during the relationship process, or the lust phase, the person with love addiction may become restless, feel unfulfilled and think about moving on to a new romance – only to move on again when that relationship cools.

Like other addictions, thoughts related to love may become an obsessive thought pattern. The individual may pursue new relationships without being able to stop, and experience feelings of hopelessness and shame as the addiction progresses.

Love addiction is serious, but with professional help, many people recover successfully from love addiction and pursue healthy relationships while managing the triggers across life situations.