Understanding Love Addiction On Valentine’s Day & Tips To Enjoy The Day!

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In our society, romance and the experience of being in love seem to be the ultimate experience, the one true pleasure in life. What could be more fulfilling than knowing that someone completely adores you and worships the ground you walk on? That’s how love appears in the movies, anyway. Someone comes along and sweeps you off your feet, sees you as the most wonderful person on earth and can’t bear the thought of ever being separated from you again.

Reality rarely lives up to that kind of fantasy. Some people are continually searching for the perfect romance, the happily ever after, the high they never come down from. These people are love addicts.

What Love Addicts Are Seeking

Love addiction is a tortured way to live. You chase love like a drug addict chases substances, and the reason you are doing it is because you are looking for something outside yourself to relieve uncomfortable feelings. As long as you are intensely in love, you can run away from feelings of emptiness or loneliness. But you never really feel satisfied.

Valentine’s Day And Love Addiction

Tips Enjoy Valentine's Day - Addicted to Love - LoveAddictionTreatmentThe drive for external comfort becomes even more intense on Valentine’s Day. This is a day you believe you’re supposed to be spoiled. You want someone outside yourself to treat you better than you treat yourself. You want someone to make you feel good.

Addicted To Love And Single On Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to be single on Valentine’s Day. When you are addicted to love, you are compelled to revolve your life around someone else. It’s uncomfortable for you to be alone, and if Valentine’s Day rolls around and you are between relationships, you probably feel especially unhappy.

Everywhere you go, you see displays of chocolates and ads for romantic vacations. It feels like everyone in the world has someone to love except you. You wonder what’s wrong with you. You may even try to rekindle an old relationship that you know is doomed just to avoid the intensity of the feelings of loneliness that Valentine’s Day brings.

Addicted To Love And In A Relationship On Valentine’s Day

Those who are in relationships have a different problem. If you are in a committed relationship, the reality of Valentine’s Day may not live up to your romantic fantasies. You may shower your loved one with gifts and romantic messages and expect to get the same in return. If your partner doesn’t also go overboard, you may feel let down.

You are driven to be head-over-heels in love at all times. But true love isn’t always quite so intense, and you may feel bored with quiet affection. Many people who are love addicts are addicted to drama, and if your relationship has become safe and predictable, you may feel like something is missing.

Tips On How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, make a decision to enjoy the day no matter what happens. Healing from love addiction starts with awareness.

Spend some time becoming aware of your patterns – Does this romantic holiday tend to always lead to feelings of sadness and disappointment because the relationships of others seem to be much more perfect than your own? Do you always seem to give a lot more love than you get back? Do you have a gaping hole inside that you feel can’t ever be filled?

Take a step back – You have all that you need inside yourself. Think about what you are desperately wishing someone else would give you, and then give it to yourself. Whether you’re hoping for flowers or chocolates or a sense of being loved and appreciated, give some thought to how you can give it to yourself. How can you shower yourself with love?

When you are always feeling empty and hungry and desperate for love and affection, these are signs that there is work to be done – You have the power to heal if you choose to do so. Until you recognize the way that you have been treating love like a drug, your unhealthy patterns will continue and you will deprive yourself of the opportunity of experiencing real love.

It’s Valentine’s Day. You deserve plenty of love and affection. No one can give it to you the way you can. Believe in more than a “relationship”…believe in yourself!