Proven Ways To Overcome Relationship Addiction

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Love addiction is a strange thing. How can it be wrong to be in love with love? Anything that becomes addictive, no matter how pure to begin with, does you no good. Love addiction can take many forms, including an obsession with being in relationships.

If you always feel like you need to be in a relationship with someone and you’re devastated when one ends, even if it doesn’t make you happy or if you don’t particularly like the person you’re with, you could be a love addict with a concentration in relationships. It’s time to get over that desperate need and to learn to have a normal relationship with love, even if it means being alone sometimes.

Ways To Overcome Relationship Addiction

Here’s how to overcome love addiction and relationship obsession:

Beautiful Things Happen When You Distance Negative - Love Addiction

  • Evaluate your relationship – Be truly objective about this. Make a list about the ways in which your current relationship makes you happy and ways it makes you unhappy. Ask a trusted friend for input as well. Someone else’s observations can really open your eyes.
  • Evaluate your partner – Make similar lists for your current partner. What do you like or admire about him? What do you dislike?
  • Read your lists carefully – If you are a relationship addict, you might find that your lists are unsettling. If you are honest with yourself, you might see more items on your dislike/unhappy lists. What does this tell you?
  • Think carefully about ending your relationship – If you find that you are unhappy in your relationship, end it. If that thought makes you panic and sweat, you might be a love addict.
  • Gather your friends – Take that step to be alone, but don’t go it alone. Keep your friends close and tell them what you’re up to. They will probably rejoice and tell you that it’s about time. Spend a lot of time with your friends to help you get through the withdrawal of being without a partner.
  • Put a moratorium on new relationships – Many love addicts are addicted to new relationships. They want to start a relationship right after an old one ends. The excitement of a new attachment is like a high. Avoid this trap by setting a time period during which you will avoid any new relationship. Tell your friends so they can help keep you accountable when you’re feeling weak.
  • Talk to a professional – It might sound silly, having a love addiction, but this can be a real problem and it’s nothing to take lightly. If you have recognized that you have a problem, you have tried to take steps to correct it and you still find that you feel desperate for a relationship, you might need a little professional help. Talk to a therapist specializing in love addictions.

Love Addiction Is Real, But You Can Overcome It!

Hopefully these love addiction recovery tips will help you realize that you have a problem and inspire you to make changes. However, if you find yourself slipping back into old habits or you just can’t break those habits period, you need to talk to an experienced professional. Love addiction is real, and if you have it, it’s nothing to rejoice over, but it can be overcome!