What It Means to Be A Love Addict

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Love addictions, like other types of process addictions, are difficult to overcome and can wreck your life. Most people have no idea what it means to be a love addict, but if you are in the middle of a love addiction, it is probably impacting every area of your life. Find out what it really means to be a love addict, how to recognize the signs of love addiction and how to get help so that you can learn to have a healthy relationship with love.

Love Addicts Are Hooked On Feelings

Love addiction is a process or behavioral addiction. This means that instead of becoming dependent on a chemical substance, you compulsively engage in an activity or behavior because of how it makes you feel. Not everyone takes process addictions as seriously as chemical addictions, but they can be just as devastating and just as difficult to overcome. Like any addiction, love addiction requires professional treatment, time and hard work to get over.

What It Means to Be A Love Addict - Love Addiction Treatment

Love Addicts Love Love

Love addiction can take many forms, but basically it means that you are obsessed with relationships, individuals, being infatuated, being in love or with fantasies about love. You might be hooked on reading romance novels, for instance, to the detriment of all other areas of your life. Or, you feel like you always need to be a relationship, even when the other person isn’t making you happy. You might react in the extreme to break ups, although the relationship wasn’t working. As a love addict, you might fall in love too easily or at least think that you are in love with someone after dating for a short period of time.

Love Addicts Are Not Sex Addicts

Many people confuse these two problems, but they are not the same issue. If you have a sex addiction, your obsessions are purely sexual. Sex addicts might be compulsive pornography users or have multiple anonymous sexual partners. Both problems are deeply emotional and may have similar underlying causes, but love addiction doesn’t have to be physical or sexual in any way. In fact, love addicts tend to be more romantic about relationships and idealistic.

Love Addiction Requires Treatment

Living with a love addict isn’t easy, and being one isn’t easy either. To help yourself and your partner learn how to have a healthy relationship, you need to get help for love addiction. Professional therapists are experienced in treating a number of process addictions, but you can even find those with expertise in love addiction. Love addiction recovery is possible. With professional help, support from friends and family and dedication on your part, you can learn to love in a healthy way.

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