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Love Addiction: Digging Up The Roots

Posted by on 03 11 15 in Sexual Addiction | Comments Off on Love Addiction: Digging Up The Roots

My journey toward recovery from love addiction has been far more complicated than my journey toward recovery from my addictions to alcohol, substances and sex. As I’ve progressively peeled back layer upon layer of addictive behaviors, behavior patterns and self-destructive activities that I wrestled with for decades, I slowly came to believe that this notion of love addiction was at the core of it all. It’s the kernel, the seed, the root cause of which all of my other issues are symptoms. When I came to that realization, it was like a giant weight was lifted from my shoulders. I finally...

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Working Through Jealousy in Love Addiction Recovery

Posted by on 09 02 14 in Co-Occurring Issues | Comments Off on Working Through Jealousy in Love Addiction Recovery

Jealousy is a beast of an emotion. It is often a source of drama in a relationship, one that can ultimately destroy it altogether. Most of us can relate to a bit of healthy jealousy in a relationship, but for the love addict, jealousy can cause an emotional and relationship breakdown in no time at all. What Is Jealousy? Jealousy is a bunch of emotions all rolled up into one. If you’re feeling jealous, you may also be feeling angry, fearful, anxious and defensive at the same time. It can cause you to think and do things that you never thought possible and then look back and say, “Did all...

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Have You Set Cell-Phone Boundaries in Your Relationship?

Posted by on 08 27 14 in Love Addiction News | Comments Off on Have You Set Cell-Phone Boundaries in Your Relationship?

Case Study 1: Max loves his girlfriend, but he is worried that she is too attractive and might leave him for another man. Max texts her regularly throughout the day. If she does not text back within a few minutes, he sends more texts and checks his phone repeatedly, waiting for her reply. One afternoon, when Max does not get a reply from her within four minutes, he starts sending longer messages. With each text message, he gets angrier and more suspicious. One hour later, after Max has sent 23 text messages, his girlfriend finally sends a reply. She has been in a meeting, and no cell phones...

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