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How Fear Of Abandonment Leads To Love Addiction

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If you are a love addict, you probably have a habit of picking people who seem to require a lot of effort and energy. You spend a ton of time obsessing about the other person and working at making your relationships work. The men or women you get involved with are typically emotionally unavailable and may make you feel like they are ignoring or rejecting you. One of the most common characteristics of people who become love addicts is fear of abandonment. You may have been neglected or abandoned as a child. Now you are terrified of being abandoned, but you are drawn to people who repeatedly...

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Can Love Addiction Be Mistaken As Drama?

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If you took a look at Savannah’s social media, you might easily believe she had it all—high-end designer clothes, trips around the world, always on the arm of a handsome (though much older) man. The food she ate looked like art and even her “bored” and “sleepy” posts looked like something out of a Vogue shoot. But if you followed Savi for any length of time, you might notice that periodically, the men changed, and so did her apparent outlook. At times—not infrequently—Savi openly posted images of herself crying, mascara running down her cheeks in what could only be for her, a...

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Is Your Relationship Addictive?

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Relationship addicts (sometimes referred to as love addicts) are like most anyone else. They long for happy relationships in which they can share their hopes and desires and in which they can have their needs met. But underlying every relationship addiction is an intimacy disorder. True intimacy requires unreserved honesty—being willing to be vulnerable to another person by sharing your deepest truths. Relationship Addicts Playing Out Old Traumas As a result of dysfunction occurring in important relationships during childhood, addicts are unconsciously seeking someone with whom to play out...

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Love Addiction: A 20-Year Fixation

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Love addiction, despite the name, is a deeply self-destructive behavior. Seeking the intense high that comes with a new sexual partner, love addicts often go through dozens of relationships, only to bail when things get too real. Shonda is a 37-year-old mother of two—successful, smart, outgoing and happily married. She says Rob couldn’t be a better husband, that he stands by her side in all matters, does more than 50 percent of the housework, and is an amazing father and loving partner. She’s happy to be exactly where she is and as the years go by, she envisions no changes. The only...

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 Is Love a Drug?

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All you need is love … love is all you need.  So goes the song. It’s also the mistaken thinking of people struggling with a disorder known as love addiction. Love addiction really does occur and it is linked to other compulsive behavior disorders. What Causes Love Addiction This kind of addiction has two sides. One is psychological and the other is physical. Psychologically A certain number of people with love addiction are attempting to compensate for emotionally deprived childhoods. Children who do not feel nurtured and loved can grow up with significant insecurities. Being involved...

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