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A Personal Story Of Realization And Finding The Right Recovery Group For Love Addiction

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I’ve been on the road to recovery from addiction for over 20 years. My personal journey began with recognizing my issues with alcohol and substances. Though I never entered an in-patient rehabilitation program, I went to AA meetings and NA meetings and created a solid, sober, alcohol- and substance-free life. I felt healthy and whole, for the most part, but at a certain point I realized I was having issues with relationships: I couldn’t stay in one. I would quickly get bored and begin looking for something new and exciting. I was always thinking about what was next. While in committed...

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Love Addiction: Digging Up The Roots

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My journey toward recovery from love addiction has been far more complicated than my journey toward recovery from my addictions to alcohol, substances and sex. As I’ve progressively peeled back layer upon layer of addictive behaviors, behavior patterns and self-destructive activities that I wrestled with for decades, I slowly came to believe that this notion of love addiction was at the core of it all. It’s the kernel, the seed, the root cause of which all of my other issues are symptoms. When I came to that realization, it was like a giant weight was lifted from my shoulders. I finally...

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5 Crucial Truths About Love Addiction

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Love addiction is a misunderstood issue. It’s generally grouped together with sex addiction, as a sort of less-raunchy relative of the problem. This has contributed to the misunderstanding, since sex and love addiction are distinct issues relating to different elements of intimacy, but the more serious issue is the disagreement among experts about the definition. It’s currently not recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM), although the term “love addiction” was coined in 1945 and became popular in the ’70s—coinciding with the founding of...

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Love Addiction and Self-Esteem

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When the melancholic dejectedly desires to be rid of life, of himself, is this not because he will not learn earnestly and rigorously to love himself? When a man surrenders himself to despair because the world or some person has left him faithlessly betrayed, what then is his fault except that he does not love himself the right way. –Soren Kierkegaard in Works of Love Healing from love addiction is a step-by-step process. First the love addict must admit that they have a problem and reach out for help; next they must change how they think and behave, as well as their values concerning...

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