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Is Your Relationship Addictive?

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Relationship addicts (sometimes referred to as love addicts) are like most anyone else. They long for happy relationships in which they can share their hopes and desires and in which they can have their needs met. But underlying every relationship addiction is an intimacy disorder. True intimacy requires unreserved honesty—being willing to be vulnerable to another person by sharing your deepest truths. Relationship Addicts Playing Out Old Traumas As a result of dysfunction occurring in important relationships during childhood, addicts are unconsciously seeking someone with whom to play out...

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Love Addiction: A 20-Year Fixation

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Love addiction, despite the name, is a deeply self-destructive behavior. Seeking the intense high that comes with a new sexual partner, love addicts often go through dozens of relationships, only to bail when things get too real. Shonda is a 37-year-old mother of two—successful, smart, outgoing and happily married. She says Rob couldn’t be a better husband, that he stands by her side in all matters, does more than 50 percent of the housework, and is an amazing father and loving partner. She’s happy to be exactly where she is and as the years go by, she envisions no changes. The only...

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When Sex Equals Love

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Every Saturday morning, I carefully selected a dress and took my mother the comb. She yanked it through the snarls in my long hair without caring how much it hurt, but on Saturdays, I didn’t care. She’d go back to bed like she did nearly every day, and I’d brush my teeth then wait at the front door for the preacher. I was 5 years old. The preacher wasn’t our preacher; we didn’t go to church, but he was an important Southern Baptist preacher in our town. He was kind and grandfatherly and influential, and even though he had nine adopted children, he gave my mother a little money for...

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Working Through Jealousy in Love Addiction Recovery

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Jealousy is a beast of an emotion. It is often a source of drama in a relationship, one that can ultimately destroy it altogether. Most of us can relate to a bit of healthy jealousy in a relationship, but for the love addict, jealousy can cause an emotional and relationship breakdown in no time at all. What Is Jealousy? Jealousy is a bunch of emotions all rolled up into one. If you’re feeling jealous, you may also be feeling angry, fearful, anxious and defensive at the same time. It can cause you to think and do things that you never thought possible and then look back and say, “Did all...

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Have You Set Cell-Phone Boundaries in Your Relationship?

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Case Study 1: Max loves his girlfriend, but he is worried that she is too attractive and might leave him for another man. Max texts her regularly throughout the day. If she does not text back within a few minutes, he sends more texts and checks his phone repeatedly, waiting for her reply. One afternoon, when Max does not get a reply from her within four minutes, he starts sending longer messages. With each text message, he gets angrier and more suspicious. One hour later, after Max has sent 23 text messages, his girlfriend finally sends a reply. She has been in a meeting, and no cell phones...

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