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Can Love Addiction Withdrawal Cause Physical Illness?

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Withdrawal is a well-known part of the addiction recovery process, but it’s seldom appreciated how this affects those who aren’t bound to an external substance. While the physical symptoms experienced by those overcoming dependence on a substance are often more extreme, process addictions like love addiction also have their own characterizing symptoms during withdrawal. Understanding these symptoms and why they occur is essential to understanding the recovery process for love addiction, and can help you anticipate what’s to come for yourself or your loved one. What Is Love...

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Did He Mean The Things He Said?

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When he told you over crème brulee and espresso that he thought he was falling in love with you, you believed him. Sure, it was only the third date, but he looked at you with such ardor and spoke so breathlessly that you were convinced he meant what he said. He kept this up for several more weeks, talking of the road trip he wanted to take with you, and how much his mother was going to love you, and did you want to help him pick out new bedding at Target — any bedding, really, as long as it had you in it? You quieted the warning voice in your head that told you he was going too fast. It...

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Is Your Relationship Addictive?

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Relationship addicts (sometimes referred to as love addicts) are like most anyone else. They long for happy relationships in which they can share their hopes and desires and in which they can have their needs met. But underlying every relationship addiction is an intimacy disorder. True intimacy requires unreserved honesty—being willing to be vulnerable to another person by sharing your deepest truths. Relationship Addicts Playing Out Old Traumas As a result of dysfunction occurring in important relationships during childhood, addicts are unconsciously seeking someone with whom to play out...

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When Excessive Flirting Signals Sexual Addiction 

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A person with a flirting partner may often feel embarrassed or have to tap the partner’s arm to let them know that their behavior is out of line. Constant flirtation may be harmless or it could indicate a bigger problem: sexual addiction. An article written by Linda Hatch, PhD, a sex addiction therapist, appears in Psych Central and provides information for individuals wondering if their partner’s flirtatious behavior is a sign of something more serious. Compulsive flirting doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has a sexual addiction, but it could be a sign of trouble. A person who...

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